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Postcard - 1930's - Getty Images

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This series depicts the events of the twentieth century in a novel way. Fascinating black-and-white photographs from the Getty Images collection put images of the power of an event or the zaniness of new trends right before the viewer’s eyes.
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Postcard - 1930's - Getty Images

The force of wars and political conflicts is just as important a theme in these comprehensive volumes as world-shaking innovations in science and technology. These are accompanied by portraits of great person-alities in art, politics, and society. The lives of everyday people with their (at the time) common and not-so-common curiosities also com-prise an extensive part of each book: sailing on roller skates in 1929, painted-on nylon stockings in 1947, or a dry cleaner's where the charge for miniskirts varies according to their length? 

Highlights:  The most fascinating images of a decade in one volume. Clearly organized according to major themes like Politics, Pop, Art, or Sports. Impressive photographs of famous personalities, events, and trends over the course of a decade. Commentary on each picture (English/German/French) Introductory texts give an overview of each theme in three languages.