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Art in Cuba

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The world of contemporary Cuban art is flourishing. Never before has it seen so many emerging talents, such a variety of artistic practice, or such a lively exhibition scene as today.
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Art in Cuba

The current generation of creators grew up after the Cuban Revolution, a period when access to culture and education became a national priority. Their art is fundamentally rooted in the island of Cuba itself, a cultural crossroads and endless source of inspiration.

Through a series of interviews with Cuba’s most significant living artists, including Kcho, Roberto Fabelo, Glenda Léon, and Carlo Garaicoa, Gilbert Brownstone introduces us to this thriving milieu. Photographs by Camilo Guevara, son of the famous revolutionary Che Guevara, show the artists at work in their private studios, while, in their own words, the artists themselves tell their personal stories, reveal their influences, and reflect on the place of art in Cuba today.