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Beyond Blonde - Steve Hiett

The controversial cover the German photographer Horst Diekgerdes created for the Britpop band Pulp’s album This Is Hardcore was that rare stroke of genius: collaborating with the legendary art director Peter Saville and the artist John Currin, Diekgerdes
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Beyond Blonde - Steve Hiett

Since the late 1960s Steve Hiett has been capturing the changing world of fashion through his distinctive, eyecatching photography. Arranged by decades, this collection of Hiett’s work is filled with images that belie the photographer’s nonchalance. Saturated with color, lighted by dazzling flash work, and often offcenter, Hiett’s photographs contain brilliantly composed worlds. They tell stories—and the stories change with time. Whether it’s 1970s Miami, France in the 1980s, or New York at the end of the 20th century, Hiett creates an of-the-moment impression that feels neither contrived nor selfconscious. Of his illustrious career, Hiett has said “I don’t think of myself as ‘a photographer.’ I think of myself as someone who uses the camera to create images that I see in my head.” A brief introduction provides an insightful contrast to Hiett’s description of himself. 

The beautifully reproduced images in this book are further testament to Steve Hiett’s enduring imprint on the world of fashion photography.